TDAS Blog: Day 1 (get me to the DAM)

TDAS Blog: Day 1


It’s wednesday morning and the first morning waking up in Amsterdam. The sun is shining and the weather is sweet (#Bob Marley). Its looking like it will be a really warm day so stocking up with plenty of water!

The journey to Amsterdam started a bit to early for my liking, a 5am meeting time at Manchester Airport, I actually managed to get there only 10 minutes late (which is v.good for me!). The England Mens squad were all recognisable in their matching gear and matching bags, so they were easy to locate. Even bumped into some people representing the other Home Nations (Hello Welsh, Scottish and Irish followers).

Arrivals European Championships 2012_2

Arrivals European Championships 2012_2

The flight took just under an hour and getting through the airport went smoothly, a 10 minute journey to the hotel and we were here! The hotel is a spa hotel in the Amsterdam Bos area (check the gallery for pictures….amazing area!), and a short walk to the venue of the European Championships.

Having unpacked and getting through a huge table of food before some rest time, the Mens squad headed out to the venue to have a bit of a practice, this allowed the players to stretch out, and have a chuck around. We wont mention the shot that ripped through the goal…dont want to scare the opposition keepers too much! While at the venue I also got to see some of the other teams, including Switzerland, Finland and Scotland

There was only one thing to do that evening….although everyone was beyond tired, it was a must to watch the England v Ukraine game….a win for England (something I am sure to be writing a lot). Im sure everyone slept well last night after such an early start.

Make sure you keep following englishlacrosse to keep up to date with all the news and videos, we will have news of today’s events, including the opening ceremony (anyone remember ec2008…cowboy themed dancers??) and the opening game, Netherlands v Germany which will be a great start to the tournament.