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TDAS Blog: Day 10 (feeling hot hot hot)

TDAS Blog: Day 10

Mood in the camp is good, both England Teams coming away yesterday with good wins and continuing the charge to the Final and hopefully gold medals.

The Men today had a free day between the Quarter and Semi-Final so they had some down time after a light training session.
Team England Women however had an afternoon match in very hot weather, against a Swedish team that had finished fourth in the other group. This would be a huge test for the Swedish team that would have to face an England team on top of their game, who have been scoring at will.

In yet another game, it took less than a minute for England to open the scoring with Keely Watt starting proceedings. It would be fair to say that this was a mis-match in terms of skill and ability, Sweden were of a good standard, but England just had too much experience and talent. Going into the halftime break England already had ten different players on the score sheet with a total of nineteen goals.

The second half saw a continued domination of possession by Team England, even when the Swedish managed to get possession, England’s pressure was so much that Sweden rarely managed to get the ball into attack, let alone past the half-way line. England piled on the pressure every time Sweden had the ball, as soon as a player received the ball they were surrounded by two or three England players.

With England’s superior possession, they manage to try out some plays which they might have to use in the semi or final including overloading the attack or defence sides from the draw as well as subbing goalkeepers. The goals eased up in the second half, as England worked on the fundamentals of ball movement across the pitch, however eight goals were still scored taking the finishing tally to 27-0.

This was a game which England controlled from the start, full credit must be given to Sweden who fought to the end but were just up against the team looking to win the tournament. Looking at the other Quarter games, England will now face Germany (last meeting 21-3 to England) while Wales meet old rivals Scotland.


TDAS Fact: Netherlands, derived from the Dutch word neder meaning “low,” and the term Low Lands is used collectively for Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, a reference to the general low-lying nature of the land.