TDAS Blog- Day 3

TDAS Blog: Day 3 (Lets get it started)

Day three was a day that the England Men’s team have been waiting for, the time had come to put the hours training into a real-life situation.

The day kicked off in a unique way, an England management team spin session…that got the legs going!! Afterwards everything was back on track with the usual routine, of morning stretching, breakfast and then a light training session before lunch. The team then had some free time in the early afternoon, which allowed us to grab some time with the three captains…..Tom Williamson, Nick Anderton, Tom Gallon.

The Captains were the first of the team to have their interviews, answering questions about the Euros, lacrosse, sport in general and also about themselves, so make sure you keep tuning into Lacrosse TV to watch these.

As the game was drawing closer, I headed up to the venue to see what was going on, it was busier than the last couple of days, caught a bit of Ireland Women’s training and the start of the Wales v France game.

The England team entered the venue with St Georges flag leading the way, and made their way to the field, there was already a crowd building, mainly players from Netherlands (scouting) and players from teams that had played on the fields earlier including Sweden, Finland, Belgium and Slovakia.

England were representing in their red kit, Ireland wearing White (Eng def looked better…just saying). The first quarter was tight with both teams having lots of possession and testing each other out, England scored early with a goal from Ady Bennett but Ireland equalised 5 minutes later.

The second half saw England step up a couple of gears, including four un-answered goals, to finish the quarter 6-1 up and the half 7-2, led by Ady Bennett getting his hat-trick in the first half.

The Next two quarters again were close, a lot of fouls called against England led to lots of opportunities for Ireland, however throughout the game, the England Defence were knocking down balls and picking out interceptions. Third quarter ended 2-2, goals from Glen Humphreys and Tom Gosney.

Ireland can take some positives away from the game, as they won the fourth quarter 3-2. England served four and a half minutes of penalties in this quarter and at one point had to play a two man zone (YES….THATS RIGHT A 2 MAN ZONE!), even then Nick Anderton almost denied Ireland from scoring, but they did.

The Ireland team were well drilled and really tested the England team, it was a good first game and im sure the guys will know be ready for the next couple of days.

We got a quick chat with England’s defense coach, Coach Lou, who was pleased with to see the defense players making the transition and scoring and goals. He also commented that Ireland were a strong team and they would feature in the later rounds of the competition.

As soon as the match ended, the heavens opened, and it rained….and i mean it rained! This should be great for the guys….just like being home!


TDAS Dutch Tip: When Dutch schoolchildren pass exams, they hang a flag and a school bag outside their windows. Good luck to everyone waiting for exam results.