Women’s Playing Committee Pre-Season Announcements

Pitch Markings
All clubs/universities and school from this season should now be using the new FIL unified pitch marking. The new unified field dimensions should be in place for the upcoming season. To download a comprehensive diagram of the new unified pitch dimensions please Click here.

Umpiring Courses
English Lacrosse would like to remind all clubs that there are a number of umpiring courses available and listed on the English Lacrosse website. We would encourage all teams to promote these courses to their members. For more information on upcoming camps please visit our shop HERE.

Code of Conduct
English Lacrosse are committed to maintaining and promoting the highest standard of code of conduct on the field of play. English Lacrosse is working to produce code of code which will ensure we have a fair and safe playing environment for everyone involved in the sport. More information about this will be published shortly.