Level 1 Officiating

Official: Level 1

The purpose of the level one course is to enable both those with experience of the game (players) and those with little experience (volunteers/parents) to be able to safely officiate a game in conjunction with other qualified officials. English Lacrosse does not support officiating alone. It is imperative not only for the safety of play but also for players enjoyment that each game has a minimum of 2 officials.

The emphasis within the course should always be on safety of players and officials. The intention is that the course should have both a theoretical and a practical element with a theory review as part of the process. Prior knowledge of the identified principle rules covered in the course would be a distinct advantage and it would be a good idea to incorporate some requirement for this as a prerequisite for attendance.


  • To provide an introduction to, and an understanding of, the role of the official in the game of field lacrosse;
  • To develop an understanding of the identified principle rules of lacrosse and the application of these within game situations;
  • To acquire an appreciation of the role of the official in the control and safe management of the game of women’s lacrosse.
  • Within the context of the above general aims the programme is designed to develop the individuals’ competence in;
    – analysing problems arising during the play of the game and providing solutions to them,
    – developing a range of interpersonal skills within the game context such as problem solving, effective communication, self-reliance and working with others,
    – using initiative and taking responsibility;
    – making decisions in challenging situations;
    – continuing to learn independently and to develop as an official.


  • Make the game safe,
  • Focus on the main fouls as set out in the officiating resource pack,
  • You may be assisting a lead official or working with another L1 to officiate a game under premier level.

Criteria: 16 years or older on day of certification
Duration: 1 day

What do I get?

  • Officiating Pack
  • Hard copy Officiating resource
  • Quick flip cards
  • Online rule book
  • Supporting videos

How do I complete the course?

  • Pass rules test
  • 3 submitted official competency forms signed off by qualified, opposing official, captain or teacher or face to face assessment

What does it let me do?

  • Officiate lacrosse with another qualified official
  • Be part of a 2 “crew” official in BUCS (non- premier), club lacrosse below Premier or U15 lacrosse

•           Registered Individuals with English Lacrosse – £50
•           Non-registered Individuals – £80
             **individuals who are not registered will not be insured through English Lacrosse’s insurance policy. As of September 1st all coaches, players and officials who partake in EL leagues, tournaments and events must be registered.
To find out more about registration please CLICK HERE



Level 1 Umpire – Moreton Hall School. Wednesday June 22nd – BOOK HERE

Level 1 Referee – UEA. Saturday November 5th – BOOK HERE