Level 3 – Head Official

The head Official is a role that is fundamental to delivering a high quality 3 officiating team. The person will oversee many sections of pre and post- match coordination. EL is looking to have Head Officials in place for key identified matches and tournaments. Both the women’s and men’s will coordinate a list of those competitive events that require a Head Official or higher.

  • Officiating lead at inter-regional or national events
  • Accurately apply rules/laws and their interpretation during performance
  • Continuously develop and maintain own ability to apply rules/laws/regulations and their interpretation consistently within the spirit of the sport/activity
  • Demonstrate application of “judgment to your decisions”.
  • Demonstrate understanding of managing challenging behaviour.
  • Demonstrate understanding of managing players, coaches and spectators.
  • Contribute to the health and safety of the competition environment
  • Contribute to the health and safety of competitors and others during competition
  • Contribute to safeguarding young and vulnerable competitors
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with co-officials and support staff
  • Establish and maintain relationships with competitors and competitor representatives
  • Develop other officials in their role
  • Identify and maintain the regulations and structure of a competition
  • Evaluate the quality of competitions and communication of judgements consistently
  • Establish and maintain relationships with the media.


  • Game/player/ coach management
  • Developing  personal presence
  • High level rules interpretation, call judgement
  • Coordinating an officiating team
  • Workshop delivered by external officiating consultant

How do I complete the course

  • High level workshop and rules review
  • Pass rules test
  • Visual assessment
  • 1:2:1 feedback during tournament / match