Men’s Playing Committee Policies

Expulsion Fouls (date)

MPC were asked to consider the position regarding the automatic penalty awarded for expulsion fouls awarded during games. Leagues in the North and South of England both have automatic playing bans in place for players who are expelled, but the period of the ban is different. The problem that was arising however is that Bucs games are subject to the disciplinary process of the relevant Senior Men’s League, which potentially meant two Bucs teams playing in the same game each having a player expelled would be subject to different playing bans.

Despite correspondence with the Senior League Committees it was not possible to find a compromise position. MPC would have preferred to have a nationally agreed penalty for all players but as this did not prove possible and given the short time period of the Bucs competitions it has been agreed that from the 1st September 2014 for Bucs games, the award of an expulsion foul will receive an automatic one game ban. More serious issues will still be dealt with using the relevant disciplinary procedures.

This decision means that BUCS players who are subjected to an expulsion foul in a BUCS competition will miss the following game. If they also play for a League club team and that game is the next to be played then they will not be eligible to play in that game and the penalty will be served.

If a BUCS player taking part in a league/cup  game receives an expulsion they will be subject to an automatic one game ban in SEMLA competition and three game ban in NEMLA competition, they will not be eligible to play in BUCS or league/cup games until the relevant ban has been served and the senior league organisation informed of the games missed including BUCS games. This may mean that a player expelled in a SEMLgame, who misses the Bucs game the following Wednesday will be eligible to play in the next Semla game the following weekend.