National University Championships Player Registration 2014

Prior to attending the 2014 National University Championships all teams MUST submit player registration. Player registration entitles your University Team to play under English Lacrosse Insurance, failure to register players will prevent you from playing during the tournament. Please follow the simple instructions below to complete the player registration process;

  1. Download the National University Championship Player Registration 2014
  2. Fill in the spreadsheet which requires individuals player name, date of birth and email address.
  3. Save the spreadsheet before uploading it to the English Lacrosse website via the form below.
  4. Any questions please contact Abi Merrill at English Lacrosse Head Office 0845 658 5006 or via email

Please note, University Teams will NOT be allowed to compete in the competition if player registration spreadsheets have not been completed.

University Championship Player Registration

All Universities entered in the tournament must complete a player registration spreadsheet for each team entered prior to arrival on the 22nd February 2014.
  • Any problems, please get in touch with Abi Merrill at Head Office.

    Email address is or you can call me on 08436585006