Lacrosse has seen unprecedented growth over the last 5 years. Lacrosse players have grown in number by over 100%. The sport is now played in more places, by more people than ever before. English Lacrosse’s vision to make lacrosse a major team sport demands we continue to strive for further growth of our sport.

English Lacrosse is changing the annual registration process to address the challenges and take opportunities that lie ahead for the sport. This change will introduce new technology to manage registrations, an annual paid registration for all lacrosse participants and it will provide regional associations with more resourcing to develop the sport in their areas.

The registration process will deliver enhanced benefits to individual participants. A more meaningful insurance package will offer personal accident and lacrosse equipment insurance in addition to public liability cover to players, coaches and officials.

To date English Lacrosse has been able to stimulate growth with financial support from Sport England. However, Sport England has warned all Governing Bodies to expect a 30% reduction in funding from 2017.

Further growth for the sport at the current level of government investment is not achievable, something needs to be done to continue to #growlax.

Why Is Registration Changing?

Like all other sports the government is challenging lacrosse to develop varied, sustainable income channels to support itself. English Lacrosse has been working hard to develop different ways of funding the development of the sport, with the ultimate goal of growing the game #growlax. One of the ways in which lacrosse will be funded is by those that play and take part in the sport. Commercial partnerships and government funding will also provide additional income.

The new registration system has been tried and tested in other sports and will improve key membership functions of English Lacrosse. The improved technology will allow for better tracking of players supporting clubs, coaches and officials. Annually renewed data will improve the marketing communications of English Lacrosse, regional associations and lacrosse clubs. Accurate participation data will aide development plans, placing the right information in the hands of the clubs and regions to help them grow their membership.

What’s Changing?

  • English Lacrosse will introduce an annual registration fee of £30 (adult) and £15 (junior/student) to all players, coaches and officials as of September 2016.
  • Regional associations will be able to plan for lacrosse development, they will set their own league fees and retain the revenue to develop the sport in their own regions.
  • Clubs will remain the members of English Lacrosse and pay the standard affiliation fee.
  • Club administrators will be given the opportunity to use the data within the registration system for their own membership processes. Individual participants will be solely responsible for registration.
  • Club administrators will be able to view their own club’s membership using the registration platform.

What Do I Get for My Money?

All registered participants will receive the following benefits package:

  • Entry into English Lacrosse leagues, tournaments and competitions
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance provides a benefit, regardless of negligence, which is paid to an individual if they suffer an injury whilst participating in Lacrosse.

  • Individual Equipment Insurance

Every registered individual will be entitled to cover for up to a maximum of £500, in respect of recognised lacrosse equipment subject to an excess of just £25. This would exclude equipment damaged while in use.

  • Regular Communication 

EL will provide regular communication to all registered participants.

  • Registration Cards

EL registered participants will receive an annually renewed registration card.

  • English Lacrosse Products & Partners Discounts

Where Does My Money Go?


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*Registration Administration and Benefits funding is allocated to implementation of the Registration Portal, Insurance Costs and Administration.

When Is Registration Changing?

As of September 2016 only registered participants will be able to take part in English Lacrosse leagues, competitions and tournaments. The registration platform will be accessible by April 2016, giving participants 5 months to register.

Want To Know More?

This is just an initial announcement; further information will be released over the coming weeks to explain more about the registration process. Club administrators, players, officials and coaches will all receive information about their registration.

We want to hear from you, if you have questions or comments please use the following communication channels to reach us. By using #growlax we will be able to track and answer all responses quickly.

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