Lacrosse Insurance Benefits 2017/18 

The following insurance products are automatically provided to English Lacrosse registered participants. To make a claim participants will be required to provide proof of registration to English Lacrosse at the time of incident.


Public / Product  Liability

The policy will pay for sums that the Insured becomes legally liable to pay for compensation in respect of damage to third party property or injury or death to third party persons as a result of the administration, organisation and promotion of lacrosse throughout the United Kingdom and all associated activities occurring during the period of insurance. It covers liabilities incurred both on and off the lacrosse field.


Professional Indemnity 

This coverage extends to provide cover in respect of negligent act, negligent error or negligent omission. This includes advice / training / tuition given by coaches, umpires, officials, managers and trainers.


Personal Accident 

In the event of an Accident causing Bodily Injury occurring during the period of insurance and as a result of recognised activity.


Lacrosse Equipment Cover

Cover applies whilst The Insured is involved in recognised and authorised lacrosse activities anywhere in the world. Cover whilst travelling is restricted to within the UK.


EL Insurance Policy 2017/18 – Full Insurance Document