English Lacrosse has taken the decision to postpone the 2018 Rathbones National Schools Lacrosse Championships due to take place at Surrey Sports Park from Friday 2nd March – Tuesday 6th March.

The decision has been taken in conjunction with the venue and our partners covering all competitions; U19A, U19B, U15, U14 & U13 categories.

As you are aware from all National media and weather forecasts, the coming days are predicted to have unprecedented severe arctic conditions. Currently the temperature at the venue is -4 and across today, Thursday and Friday, the temperature is predicted to stay consistently below freezing, making the ground conditions unsafe.

There are amber warnings for snow and ice in place for Thursday and Friday that may see up to 6 inches of snow fall over the period that may remain for several days.

Taking into account all of the above, it is clear that there is a high risk of the pitches not being fit for play for a significant duration of the tournament and the freezing temperatures, added to significant wind chill temperatures, would make conditions uncomfortable and challenging for the players competing.

In addition, the above conditions would make travelling to the venue a serious concern for many schools covering significant distances and the safety of everyone travelling to the venue is an important factor.

We are exploring all viable alternatives in the rescheduling of the RNSLC over the next couple of weeks and we will be in contact with all schools later today with further information.

English Lacrosse, the venue and partners recognises the duty of care for players, officials and spectators needs to take priority in this situation and we will now be working on the rescheduling of the event.