Safeguarding Templates

TEMPLATE 1 Policy on Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Lacrosse
TEMPLATE 2 Anti Bullying Policy
TEMPLATE 3 Policy Statement on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders
TEMPLATE 4 Policy on the Taking and Use of Photographic and Recorded Images of young people
TEMPLATE 5 Application Form for Positions Working with Young People in Lacrosse
TEMPLATE 6 Self disclosure form
TEMPLATE 7 Reference form for positions working with young people in lacrosse
TEMPLATE 8 Consent form for the taking and use of photographic and recorded images of young people
TEMPLATE 9 Registration form for the use of photographic or recorded image equipment at lacrosse events
TEMPLATE 10 Safeguarding referral form
TEMPLATE 11 Club membership form
TEMPLATE 12 Young person’s guide
TEMPLATE 13 Bill of rights for young lacrosse players
TEMPLATE 14 Parent guardian guide
TEMPLATE 15 Safeguarding and protecting young people action plan
TEMPLATE 16 Policy on the use of criminal records bureau (crb) disclosures