Secondary Schools

INTO Lacrosse 4s (indoor) or 8s (outdoor) are excellent ways of introducing key physical literacy skills to a group of students. Lacrosse provides an active and inclusive game, either mixed or single sexed (gender), which can be used to great effect to deliver the PE programme and Leadership skills by minimising prior technical expertise team games.

Lacrosse will allow pupils to:

  • Refine & adapt a range skills into precise, controlled and fluent techniques
  • Select and use effective tactics, strategies and compositions in challenging/ competitive setting
  • Refine or adapt these ideas in changing situations to continue to perform effectively and remain safe
  • Develop their strength, stamina, speed & flexibility
  • Develop their mental determination  to succeed
  • Analyse performances, identifying strengths and weaknesses, making clear decisions of what needs to be improved and how it can be achieved
  • Identify the types of activities and roles that best suit them, to have a continued involvement in physical activity

Regional Contacts

North West & Midlands – Richard Gartside –
Yorkshire & North East – Kerrie Lawler –
South West – Helen Murray –
South – Nik Roberts –
South East & London – Amy Heppingstall –