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NEMLA – Premiership Week 8 Report

In a great exhibition for men’s lacrosse the best two sides in the country played off against one another with the northern premiership title at stakes. A last minute goal from Paul Flowers ensured that the advantage went…

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Interview Team England’s Tom Gallon

Conventional wisdom says you struggle to make elite level lacrosse unless you pick up a stick way before reaching teenage years. In the US and Canada, they demonstrate slick stick skills and acute game awareness while they are still…

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Chumash Lacrosse?

Ever played or even heard of Chumash Lacrosse before? England's first ever tournament is taking place this year (July 5th) in South London. What is Chumash? Chumash is a fast 3v3 game of Lacrosse played in a caged…

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University Lacrosse Leavers Infogram

[caption id="attachment_18068" align="alignnone" width="306"] University Lacrosse Graduate Survey Results[/caption] English Lacrosse surveyed all graduating lacrosse players to ask what they felt about the sport during their time at university and how they intend to continue to play lacrosse.…

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Results Inc. > Pre-Season Q&A

Welcome to the monthly Q&A with Results Inc. – during this regular feature we’ll answer your questions about athletic training, performance and talent development specifically for Lacrosse. If you have a question for us then use the form…

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