WC2013 can v aus (18)

Lacrosse TV Daily: Day 3 Friday 12th

Lacrosse TV Daily: Friday 12th

The second day of group competition meant that teams were now in the swing of playing. Pool A had some exciting clashes with two home nations meeting (England v Wales) and the host nation taking on the 2009 runners-up (Canada v Australia). You can read the match report from the England Wales game here

Israel v Scotland
Both teams had good wins the day before in their opening fixtures with Scotland topping the Dutch (20-2) and Israel outscoring Germany (15-6). Israel have been the topic of many a discussion in their first F.I.L competition with many people looking forward to seeing how well the team could do. Taking on the experienced Scottish team would be Israel’s biggest test in competition play and they did this with a good win. The Scottish team fought but were out done by an early run of goals from Israel. Scotland will be looking to bounce back when they take on Germany.

Canada v Australia
This was the host’s first game of the tournament while Australia had come through with an 11-4 victory against Wales the day before. This was the best game of the tournament so far and went right down to the wire. The Aussie took the lead early on but Canada soon replied with a dodge and shot on the run from Abby Friend. The teams traded goals, with Canada taking advantage of some good 1v1 match ups and Australia running plays to get players free to shoot on goal. It looked like Australia could pull away as they went 6-4 up but the Canadians managed to get back within one goal before the half time whistle. The game was physical with lots of swipes and body checks which led to numerous yellow cards.

After the break Australia showed how dangerous they could be on the counter attack with a number of goals starting from their defence and finishing in the Canadian goal. Playing in front of a home crowd, Canada were not going to be outplayed and once again they drew level at 11-11. With less than four minutes left, Australia received a red card meaning they would have to play down for the remainder of the game. Canada held out for the last shot of the game and with ten seconds to go, Mandy Friend scored the winner. The Aussies managed to get the ball on the last play but ran out of time before getting a shot off.  Final score: Canada 12 – 11 Australia

Results Friday 12th:

  • Netherlands 5 – 16 Ireland
  • Haudenosaunee 25 – 0 Hong Kong
  • Finland 11 – 4 Sweden
  • Israel 13 – 6 Scotland
  • Germany 19 – 2 South Korea
  • Japan 23 – 2 Austria
  • Latvia New Zealand
  • England 9 – 4 Wales
  • Canada 11 – 12 Australia