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Key facts

Senior Female

Kirsten Lafferty

International Experience
Kirsten represented England in the 2007 U19 World Cup as part of the Bronze medal winning squad. She also represented Senior England in midfield in both the 2009 and 2013 senior World Cups, scoring a hat-trick past team USA in 2013.

Kirsten played at Birmingham for 6 years whilst being captain for 4, during this time Birmingham went on to become BUCS Champions twice.

Q: At what age did you begin to play lacrosse?
A: Thirteen
Q: What’s your proudest Lacrosse moment?
A: Beating Durham in the BUCs final in the last game of my university playing career
Q: What’s your “Weapon of Choice” favourite lacrosse stick?
A: STX Cruxi
Q: What is your favourite quote?
A: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to run in the rain!”
Q: What is your favourite food (s)?
A: Chocolate and honey mix ice cream from Salcombe Dairy
Q: What is your favourite music/band (s)?
A: Mumford and Sons
Q: Who is your favourite sports hero (s)?
A: Frank Lampard
Q: What is your favourite movie (s)?
A: Pirates of the Caribbean (number 1 only the rest are rubbish!)
Q: What is your favourite TV show (s)?
A: Grey’s anatomy and The Big Bang Theory

Interesting fact… I am a crew member of Salcome Lifeboat