Key facts

Senior Female

Sophie Morrill

International Experience
Sophie represented England for the first time at the 2015 Home Internationals in Edinburgh and was part of the victorious team at the 2015 European Championships, 2016 Home Internationals and 2016 Test Series against Australia. Most recently she was part of the squad that competed in the US Lacrosse Fall Classic Tournament.

Club/School/College/County (Territorial) Experience
Sophie previously played for the University of Cambridge and for Centaurs in the club league. She previously attended Lady Eleanor Holles School.

Getting to know Sophie. . . 

Q: At what age did you begin to play lacrosse?
A: 12

Q: What are you most looking for to at RWLC17?
The first game – all our training, hard work and effort over the last few years will culminate in that moment and opening a home based world cup will be really special.

Q: What’s your proudest Lacrosse moment?
A:I really enjoyed my experience at the European Championships and my favourite moment was scoring our last goal in the final 11-8 win against Wales!

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals/superstitions?
A: I don’t have any superstitions as such but I like to listen to music to get me pumped up and make sure I’m in the zone.

Q: What’s your “Weapon of Choice” favourite lacrosse stick?
A: STX Cruxi with the runway pocket and Composite shaft.

Q: What is your favourite quote?
A: It’s a toss up between “Fortune favours the brave” and “Stand fearless in the face of adversity”.

Q: What is your favourite food (s)?
A: a traditional English Roast!

Q: What is your favourite music/band (s)?
A: I like most chart music and my favourite guilty pleasure has to be Justin Bieber!

Q: Who is your favourite sports hero (s)?
A: Serena Williams – she’s such a dominant force in women’s tennis. She’s been at the top of her game for so long and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. She also shows women that it’s ok to be strong and powerful and to be proud of their physique even if it doesn’t fit the conventional stereotype.

Q: What is your favourite movie (s)?
A: Gladiator, Coach Carter and the Lion King

Q: What is your favourite TV show (s)?
A: Games of Thrones, Arrow, Sons of Anarchy, Made in Chelsea and my guilty pleasure is Geordie Shore!

Interesting fact – I have met David Attenborough and played real tennis against Martina Navratilova