Key facts

Senior Male

Tim Blower

International Experience

Tim’s first international experience with Team England came at the 2014 World Championships in Denver, USA. He has subsequently been selected for the forthcoming 2016 European Championships in Hungary.

International Honours

– 2014 World Championships (Denver, USA) (Reserve)

Club/School/College/County (Territorial) Experience

Tim is a product of Timperley’s junior program having played at the club since the age of 10. He has represented Lancashire at all junior levels, and has represented the senior team on multiple occasions. Tim played in BUCS for Sheffield Hallam and in his senior year lead them to win the 2014 BUCS Trophy Final. Tim continues to play in NEMLA for Timperley LC.

Getting to know Tim…

Q: At what age did you begin to play lacrosse?
A I began playing Lacrosse at the age of 10, at my primary school.

Q: Which game are you most looking forward to at the WC2014 and why?
A I am looking forward to any game containing the Iroquois. They have such exciting players, will be a joy to watch and of course they have the Thompsons.

Q: What’s your proudest Lacrosse moment?
A: Being named on my first England squad

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals/superstitions?
A: I like to have a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch and a Twix chocolate bar.. If Monster Munch isn’t available, then I would settle for Quavers.

Q: What’s your “Weapon of Choice”?
A: STX shield lacrosse heard.

Q: What is your favourite quote?
A: “My favourite machine at the gym is the vending machine”

Q: What is your favourite food (s)?
A: Mexicanooooo

Q: What is your favourite music/band (s)?
A:  Whatever Spotify plays me. Big fan of One Republic though.

Q: Who is your favourite sports hero (s)?
A: Can I say myself? Roger Federer, suave guy.

Q: What is your favourite movie (s)?
A:  I love my gangster films. Either American Gangster, Godfather 1, 2 or 3..

Q: What is your TV show (s)?
A:  Game of Thrones… For obvious reasons..