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Team England Lacrosse Prepare for Australia Tour

With the 2017 FIL Rathbones Lacrosse World Cup only 429 days away  and just under 3 weeks to go until their crucial tour to Australia, Team England players Torz Anderson and Claire Faram give us an update on the team’s preparations for their upcoming tour, and how this will assist their build up to the World Cup next year.

Eng v Wales Home Internationals 2016

Claire Faram

England v Wales Home Internationals 2016

Torz Anderson







This weekend, we met up with all of the Team England girls  for a vigorous training squad at Surrey Sports Park, which will be home to the World Cup next July. With it being  our first training back after being crowned 2016 Home Internationals champions and our last training session before our upcoming tour to Melbourne, we all arrived at Surrey Sports Park ready to work hard. The main focus of our weekend was to review our performance at last month’s Home Internationals and use our findings to prepare for our next challenge: the Aussies.

“I really enjoyed this weekend’s training with the team. Everyone was focused, hard-working and pushing each other to get better. With the Australia tour only a few weeks away, we are all excited for what’s ahead!” Laura Merrifield, England Captain

Saturday began with an energetic warm up with the  Performance and  Development squads working together, led by our esteemed captains, Laura Merrifield and Ashleigh Gloster. From the off everyone was enthusiastic and encouraging and we knew it was a sign of a good weekend’s training to come. After a body warm up, we moved on to agility and stick skill drills. Honing our stick skills and footwork is an essential part of our warm up, to help prepare for game-realistic situations, and you can always count on Laura and Ash to make this fun. With a day filled with transitional work, shooting, 1 v 1 defending and draw work, it made for a tough session in 26 degree heat!

Some of us (naming no names) were rocking some serious tan/burn lines on Sunday (!), however, this did not deter us from another day of working hard for each other. We did a lot of work on free positions over the course of the weekend; there was some seriously flashy stick-work and it was clear to see that hard work outside of training is paying off for players in every position. As well as impressive goals scored by our attackers, some shots were met by show-stopping saves from our goalkeepers and our defenders were looking extremely quick off the mark to get tips on the shots.


The weekend culminEngland May 16ated with some unit work, 7 v 7s and a heroic visit from a guest called Graham, who came along with an abundance of ice-cold Gatorade and towels to help us cool down after some intense periods of play. Thanks Graham!

Overall, it was another step forward on our road to 2017 and we are so excited for the next challenge that Australia will bring.


We fly out on the 29th May, taking a pit stop in Malaysia for a 3-day training camp at Marlborough College, before touching down in Melbourne on the 3rd June to  compete in the National State Championships. Following this prestigious tournament, Team England will take on  three test matches against the Australian Women’s National Team, which will no doubt provide us with huge learning opportunities ahead of the World Cup next year – we can’t wait! Keep up to date with our progress on tour:

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