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Team England U19 Tour Update

England’s U19 team departed on Saturday for a weeklong tour to the Washington DC area to test themselves against some of the best High Schools teams in the USA. Now five days in to the tour we bring you an update from assistant coach Alex Carnegie-Brown.

Match Report – vs. Georgetown Visitation

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 15.09.05There was a positive start to the game with a win of the draw, and a shot after at 24 seconds by Liv Whimpenny. This was followed by another goal created by the effective break down of the oppositions’ zone defence by the midfield. Tilly Shires then scored another goal at 4 minutes to make it 3-0 to England.

Visitation answered to the great start by England with a free position, yet great saves by Zoe Parker and a shot by Hannah Thurston made it 4-1 England. Visitation sought to pressure the lead and answered with four assists off an effective feeding play.

Both teams then scored a goal each, yet a great shot by Hannah Bray following some great midfield transition, and two great turnovers in defence. Put England up again. Visitation then scored a goal off a fast break, but some great turnovers by Ellie Hillier and Emma Adams in defence ensured the ball returned to the attack, where Luci Delaney used these opportunities to score 2 consecutive goals. After another goal by visitation, great attack work then ensured second goals by Liv Wimpenny and Tilly Shires making the score 12-9.

Visitation answered to England’s strong performance with another 4 consecutive goals putting the score at 13-14 Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 15.09.19Visitation. With great work off the draw, England scored two more goals, yet these were matched by visitation, placing them at 16 to England’s 15. It was a hard fought close game with lessons learnt from the various game situations and a determination towards the next match to ensure the win.

Match Report  vs. Holy Child High School

On Tuesday 7th April, after a busy morning of stretching and video analysis of the previous days’ game vs Georgetown Visitation team, the U19 England Lacrosse took on Holy Child High School team.

After Holy Child claimed the opening goal, England U19 responded quickly with an exceptionally worked team goal, starting when Hannah Thurston gained possession from the draw, and finished with Hannah Bray scoring a well-placed goal. We then took our game another level, working as a team to score the next eight goals within 20 minutes. Goal scorers included Feenie Ruiz, Sophie Tamblyn and Alice Cranwell. With a few minutes of the first half remaining, Holy Child managed to claw back two goals to take the score to 9-3 to England at half time.

In the second half, Holy Child came out fighting, putting England on the back foot by taking the score 9-7 to England. Once more we regained full concentration and re-found our rhythm to win and ended strongly, dominating the last 15 minutes of the game, with a final score of 12-7. We controlled the final play of the game with Bex Jordache scoring a goal assisted by Nancy Day with 19 seconds to go after an exceptional team effort to pressure the goalie clear and force the turnover to gain possession.

Match Report vs. Notre Dame Prep

It was a slow start for England U19s as the Notre Dame Prep (NDP) team came out strong, scoring the first goal. Although we were quick to equalise, NDP continued their performance scoring several goals in quick succession mainly off drives and feeds from behind. England U19 defence was a little unsettled in comparison to previous games as NDP created several fast breaks and a lack of possession didn’t enable England to convert enough opportunities in the opening half. As a result at the end of the first half, the score was 7-3.

The second half saw the team come together to change the tempo of the game and lift the performance. This meant we had increased possession for the attack to play around with; paired with better off ball movement, more opportunities were created and this lead to a better atmosphere on the pitch. In the transition, England were hungry for the ball and put a great deal of pressure of NDP’s transition. Defence were still struggling to shut down the NDP crease plays and gave them a number of free position penalties which resulted in several goals for them, leaving the final score at 17-11.

England also took the opportunity to experience a top-flight NCAA Division 1 game, watching national champions Maryland defeat Princeton at College Park.

Match Report v St Anthony’s

After a day of team bonding in the depths of the American countryside the team came out with new fire and determination. The first 5 minutes started with a high level of intensity with England dominating and scoring the first Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.02.332 goals with a fantastic finish by Luci Delaney from a feed off the free position from Hannah Bray. However, St Antony’s responded quickly with a fast few goals by taking advantage of a slight lapse in communication from our defence. The speed of the game took a dramatic increase with the USA side having fantastic pace, leading to the ball moving quickly from end to end.

Although the Americans seemed to think they were in a comfortable lead England fought back hard, chasing for ever ground ball to score 2 more goals to make the score 5-6. As the excitement rose a free position was given to St Antony’s, but Mimi made a fantastic save to stop the conversion. A fast turn over from this led to a goal by England to make the score 6-6 going into the second half. The intensity carried on for the next 30 minutes of play, but unfortunately with a few dominate attackers on the USA side they managed to sneak ahead in the last 2 minutes to win 9-8.

Match Report vs. St Stevens & St Agnes School

On Friday 10th April England U19 team took on St Stephens and St Agnes High School in their second match of the day. At this point in the tour with only a day left and after a very tough and closely fought match earlier in the day the team’s legs were feeling it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.01.29After a few quick goals from St Stephens and St Agnes, the U19 team started to work together and created a very well worked team goal which ended with Alex Drewe scoring with an exceptional shot.

St Stephens and St Agnes had some key feeders which we struggled to shut down and few good drivers resulting in some easy goals which we could easily stop in the future with earlier slides.

Some strong one on one defence in the second half led to many positive turnovers from the defence including Bex Jordache, India May and Amelia Miller which resulted in a few fast break chances. These fast breaks were converted to goals by the attack with goals scored by Liv Wimpenny, Freya Savage and Hannah Thurston.

Unfortunately the U19 team didn’t have enough time to get back into the game resulting in a final score of 17-5.

Follow the England girls on tour via their Twitter page – @u19england