Coaching Support Scheme

English Lacrosse are pleased to announce a new coaching mentorship programme to help develop the level of coaching available to clubs and universities. The scheme will develop 30 community based coaches, identified by their clubs/universities, to be developed to Level 2 standard.

Why Does Lacrosse need this?

Sport England research and feedback from the game has identified that coaching does not meet the needs our players on a regular basis.

Sports Coach UK research also shows that most sports have 20% or more of coaches with a Level 2 or higher to meet the needs of players, our sport currently has only 11%.

Many coaches and clubs consider Level 1 to be an adequate coaching level, however Level 1 is an assistant learning how to coach.

How is English Lacrosse Helping?

English Lacrosse is investing in coaches, we have ensured that our Level 2 course are half the price of other sport coaching courses available.

This new scheme aims to develop a core group of 30 identified coaches. This will be implemented through our new 
Coach Support Scheme. 

These new coaches would go on to deliver the quality coaching the game demands in our clubs and universities.

What’s in place to support the 30 selected coaches?

The 30 identified coaches will receive:

  • The Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Lacrosse at a reduced cost of £150 (normally £170),
  • Identified grant aid support to bring down the cost of the course for each individual to apply into,
  • Training Needs Analysis,
  • One day of supporting Master class Coaching Workshops (worth £20pp),
  • An identified mentor to assist with each coach delivering in their community setting,
  • Be a member of the Lacrosse Coaching Group.

How do I nominate a coach from my club?

We would like your club/university to nominate a coach who you believe would best benefit from this scheme. Nominating a coach couldn’t be simpler, all you need to to is to complete the form below, and enter the members details before (January 30th) and we will get in touch with them if selected (limited places available).

Club Coach Scheme

The English Lacrosse Association are looking into developing Coaches throughout England. This will be achieved by starting a Club Coach Scheme that will see clubs or individuals nominate current coaches or players that have the potential to become excellent coaches. The 30 selected candidates will then go on to complete coaching awards to improve coaching within their club.