Boys Academy

The evolution of the Boys Talent Pathway will continue this season, with the primary aim for the year to begin the educational process to prepare athletes for the 2020 U19 World Championship and advance the potential and transition for more performers to challenge for senior representative honours.

The programme will run two centred, one in the North and one in the South. The South centre will cater for all young players in the South who have aspirations to progress. Anyone from the South centre  sessions who is identified as talented and fulfilling the criteria will be invited to attend the North centre (acting as the National Academy, comparable to the Girls Talent Pathway).

South – Boys Talent Pathway

U17’s – South;  3 Open sessions will be run in 2016/17 whereby sessions will be run by appointed coaches following the curriculum developed.

The talent ID process for South candidates will include

  • New candidates identified at open sessions will be invited to the next ‘Manchester’ session to be assessed. If criteria met, individuals from the south will not be expected to pay for future ‘National/ Manchester’ sessions but will incur all travel and accommodation costs.
  • BTP coaches, to act as scouts throughout the year and ID talented performers throughout the year. Notifying Boys talent coordinator with the individual’s name, club coach and parents contact details.
  • Clubs can nominate players throughout the year, contacting Boys Talent Coordinator after completing the nomination form found on here

North – Boys Talent Pathway

 U15’s & U17/19’s – Manchester, The North centre will act as a ‘national academy’ comparable to the Girls Talent Pathway and will feature boys identified from Northern and Southern regions. All sessions will take place at MMU Platt Lane Sports Complex, Yew Tree Road, Fallowfield, M14 7UU.

U15’s eligibility; Over 13 and under 15 on the 31st August (FIL competition) or older U14 & lower U16 age group and for simplicity, School years 9 and 10.

U17’s eligibility; Over 15 and under 17 on the 31st August (FIL competition) or older U16 & lower U19 age group and for simplicity, School years 11 and 12.

U19’s eligibility; Over 17 and under 19 on the 31st August or first full season of senior lacrosse and top age U19, school year 13.

The dates for the sessions are below, the U17/ U19 is a joint session and incorporates those individuals from last year’s U17 age group who have progressed to the u19 category.

How do I move up to National squad?

As the diagram shows, from RA activity there is the opportunity to progress on to take part in the English Lacrosse Regional Tournament , for your age group.  Players will be continually assessed across all of these stages, before the final selections are made for the England U19 squad.

So what does this mean for you in terms of lacrosse activity over the next few weeks?  Well firstly there will be 7 training sessions. 

At these training sessions the coaches will be continually assessing you to monitor your progress.  Your route from here then depends on your age group.

Following these sessions, players will identified to progress in to the U19 national squad training group.