Regional Academy Nomination Form

The Regional Academy is part of the English Lacrosse Talent Pathway which identifies individuals who are currently in year 8 and above who have the potential to represent England at junior and senior international level.

Nominees entering the Academy from August 2018 will be in year 9 or above for the 2018/19 academic year.

Girls Regional Academy Nomination Form

The nomination and invitation process


Please complete the attached FORM with the girl’s relevant information

  • Name
  • Age
  • Playing position
  • Representative honours – lacrosse and additional sports
  • Parent/ guardian contact information
  • A ranking – for coaches nominating more than one player please rank your players for us on the form attached. E.g. 1- 10 where 1 indicates your top player.

Invitation to assessment

The English Lacrosse National Talent Development Manager & Talent Coordinator will review nominations and contact parents directly to invite players to the assessment weekend. Invitations will be issued as nominations are received – please note that it may take 1 working week for invitations to be issued following nominations. The final deadline for nominations is 5pm on Friday 9th March. Final Invitations to successful nominations will be issued no later than 14th March 2018.

Regional Academy Assessment Day – Sunday 8 April 2018

Girls Regional Academy Nomination Form

Please return completed nomination forms to 

The Academy is looking for:-

“Athletic, effective decision makers who can perform under pressure in a game situation.”

The terms above are defined in the following ways:

Effective Decision Makers

Individuals who take the appropriate choice of action in high pressure situations on a consistent and effective basis. Influences both attack and defence particularly in 1v1 situations.


Is direct, moves with pace and control,  can stop and change direction without losing balance, coordination or impact on the game.

Perform under pressure

Resilient and determined. Shows effective decision making and maintains consistency when challenged by opponents or during difficult game situations.

The individuals nominated should demonstrate strength in the areas listed above.

Assessment and invitation to join the Academy

  • The Regional Academy coaches will assess players over the course of the day Sunday 8 April 2018
  • Following the assessment, invitations to join the Academy will be sent out to successful participants to invite them to the upcoming 2018/19 training weekends
  • Those who are not invited to join the Academy at this time should be aware that they are still eligible to return for a future assessment though they will be expected to have made progress according to recommendations made in their coach feedback

Our Regional Academies operate in the following regions;

  • North
  • South West
  • South East, London South
  • South East, London North