About the Governing Body

English Lacrosse Association governs the sport of lacrosse in England. An amalgamation of the All England Women’s Lacrosse Association and the English Lacrosse Union in 1996 brought together the men’s and women’s governing bodies. Lacrosse is now governed as one sport, with 2 codes (Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse). The English Lacrosse Association is strategically directed by an Executive Board. In 2012 the first 10 year strategy for the sport was released by the English Lacrosse Executive Board.

English Lacrosse 10 Year Strategy

English Lacrosse employs a central staff of 21, and sponsors in excess of 100 American coaches every year.

English Lacrosse is a Sport England recognised governing body. The sport receives a funding grant from Sport England, every 4 years based on the strength of a Whole Sport Plan.