Men’s Playing Committee Profiles

The Men’s Playing Committee (MPC) is the senior body for the regulation on men’s lacrosse in England. It has responsibility for the organisation of men’s lacrosse including development , organisational strategies, rules and disciplinary matters at the national level. The current members of the MPC agreed at the 2014 AGM and nominated by the respective bodies can be found here LINK. Minutes of meetings and reports can be found here LINK.

Men’s Playing Committee

– Eddie Owen

Vice Chair – (Vacant)

Hon. Secretary/ Finance / International Liaison – Ron Balls

Minutes Secretary – Elizabeth Hodgson

National Squads – Greg Caplin

National Academies – Dave Elwood

University/BUCS – Dave Coldwell

SEMLA – Kieran Balmer

NEMLA – John Sharples

North West Lacrosse Association – Richard Gartside

North East Lacrosse Association (inc. Yorks) – (Vacant)

Juniors and Schools (North) – Alison Cara

Junior and Schools (South) – Vacant

Referees and Rules – Peter Davidson

Special Events (North) – Ken Haves

Special Events (South)

Enterprise Lacrosse – David Shuttleworth