English Lacrosse workshop promotes good governance

English Lacrosse brought together staff, members from National Lacrosse Committee, regional representatives and volunteers from the game to attend a ‘Good Governance Workshop’ on Tuesday (30 January) in London.

The workshop focused on NLC and Regional Committees and their roles & responsibilities alongside how they can implement the business plan and assist in governing lacrosse in England.

The workshop was facilitated by Amanda Bennett, a governance consultant and ex Head of Governance at UK Sport.

Amanda is currently working with a number of NGBs to help them develop their governance in line with the Code of Sports Governance.

In order to become and maintain our status as an effective organisation, English Lacrosse has committed to implementing good governance throughout the organisation.

This has been demonstrated by the development of a Governance Action Plan and Board Diversity Action Plan that meet the requirements of the Code for Sports Governance (the Code).

As a result of the Code and an intrinsic desire to plan more effectively for the future, English Lacrosse is seeking to enhance decision-makers’ understanding of governance.

There is a desire to ensure the principles of the Code are integrated across the organisation’s governance structures and NLC.

The NLC is a critical component of English Lacrosse’s governance structure with responsibility for governance of both the women and men’s recreational game.

NLC representatives are key stakeholders in the development of the game and enable engagement with members across the country.

There was some great discussion among those who attended and a number of outcomes in which the messages received will be passed onto fellow committee members and regions.

There was also some focus on the board and its roles and authority within the game and organisation.

Moving forward, English Lacrosse is committed to ensuring that good governance is maintained throughout the game and supports those implementing the business plan and growing lacrosse throughout England.

We would like to thank both Amanda Bennett for the workshop and RPC for hosting us.

English Lacrosse Business Plan 2016-2020 –

Code for Sports Governance –

If you would like to find out more please contact:

Sallie Barker or Gabbi Simmonds