Girls Youth Rules Survey – Have your say

The National Lacrosse Committee has developed age appropriate rules to support the growth and development of youth lacrosse in the UK and would like to get your views on the proposed changes by asking you to complete a short survey.

These rules are based on the adapted rules produced by US Lacrosse and we are grateful for their approval to use these. The new rules support the appropriate physical, cognitive, and emotional development of youth players at the U9, U11, U13 and U15 levels.

 The committee strongly encourages the use of these age appropriate rules to reinforce the proper development of individual stick skills, team play, player safety, and sportsmanship.

We are seeking your views for each age level. Some of the proposed rules in this document go alongside the anticipated FIL Rule changes, more specifically:

–       10 aside with 6 v 6 including goalie around the goal
–       3 v 3 on the draw within the restraining line until possession is calledThe updated FIL Rule Book for Women’s lacrosse, listing new immediate changes, trial rules and rules to be implemented in 2018 can be found here: FIL Women’s Rulebook – Updated August 2017The FIL trial rules will be adopted at the upcoming Senior & Junior Regionals as well as Home Internationals to give players the opportunity to trial the new rules and gain experience prior to the potential changes being officially implemented.In this questionnaire, we are seeking your views on the adapted youth rules at U9, U11, U13 and U15 level. There will be a consultation process in the new year for the FIL trial rules at adult level.Any potential decisions made as a result of the consultations and trials will result in these new adapted rules being adopted for all girls matches and competitions going forward. A draft rulebook for the new proposed rules can be found HERE

The deadline to complete the survey has now passed. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the survey results – we have had a great response and your feedback will help NLC produce their report and recommendations to the game.