Volunteer focus group proves success

English Lacrosse recently brought together a group of volunteers from across the country with representatives from all elements of the game as part of a sport focus group in Warwick.

The aim of the day was to discuss the challenges we face in the recreational game, how the National Lacrosse Committee can improve their support, and how the representatives within this group can work together to input and influence the growth of recreational lacrosse.

There were plenty of new faces representing the future of the sport in England, and the group provided some fantastic ideas for the NLC to focus on in the next few years of the business plan.

The EL 2016-2020 ‘Delivering More’ Business Plan provided the context for the discussions looking at the key priorities of Raising the Profile and Expanding the Lacrosse Community.

English Lacrosse recognises that the volunteer workforce is fundamental to our game, and the future skills and support of volunteers is a key priority in order for us to deliver our programmes and events.

The day proved both energising and positive in which plenty of engagement and feedback was provided for NLC and EL staff to develop the growth and retention of lacrosse.

In the future, this group will become a sounding board for NLC strategies on an ad hoc basis, providing fresh ideas and thoughts on the development of the sport as we move forward with the business plan and development of the game in England.