Rathbones Sign as 2017 Women’s Lacrosse World Cup Title Sponsor

English Lacrosse signs title sponsor for the 2017 Women’s World Cup

English Lacrosse has extended its current partnership with wealth management firm Rathbones to include the title sponsorship of the FIL 2017 Women’s Lacrosse World Cup.

The FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup will be hosted at Surrey Sports Park the 13- 22 July 2017. This will be the 10th Women’s World Cup  and more than 26 nations are expected to compete for the world title. The nine day event will welcome over 10,000 spectators, 700 elite athletes and 2,000 festival lacrosse participants.

Philip Howell, CEO of Rathbones, commented: “We are very proud to be sponsoring the 2017 Women’s World Cup and developing our partnership with English Lacrosse. Rathbones’ investment will support the growth of the sport and ensure the best possible experience for players and supporters at events.”

In February this year, Rathbones announced an extension to their partnership with English Lacrosse until 2017 and now this sponsorship of the 2017 Women’s World Cup will allow English Lacrosse to stage a truly world class event.

Rathbones partnership with English Lacrosse aims to raise the profile of junior women’s lacrosse and to encourage participation in this exciting team sport.

Mark Coups, CEO of English Lacrosse is delighted with the sponsorship, “Rathbones have proved to be a perfect partner for English Lacrosse. The partnership has currently generated over 3,000 new lacrosse players and will continue to provide playing opportunities to new participants, creating a genuine World Cup legacy.  The Rathbones FIL 2017 Women’s Lacrosse World Cup will display the finest international lacrosse; the investment by Rathbones allows us to host a world-class event and true celebration of the sport.”

Watch the 2017 promo video

If you are interested in partnering the FIL Rathbones 2017 Women’s Lacrosse World Cup please contact janet.kiddle@2017worldlacrosse.com