Mohawk Boys Camps

Mohawk Lacrosse Camps are English Lacrosse’s newest camp designed specifically for junior boys.
The aim of Mohawk Camps is to increase individual playing proficiency and to introduce ideas and concepts that will help players form decision making skills and influence games with a mental toughness required to excel.

The focus of the camps is the Under 14 level, catering for boys in schools years 5 to 9 (9-13 year olds).
Mohawk Camps welcome players of all abilities from those experiencing lacrosse for the first time to those who already play in local clubs.

The coaching team are all Level 3 or Level 2 coaches, consisting of International players, English Lacrosse staff and identified club coaches;  all who have a wealth of experience coaching at junior club and academy level, and will empower players with tools on how to improve their own performance.

The coaching curriculum is developed by members of the English Lacrosse Staff including the Education and Skills manager and the Regional Development Staff. The curriculum targets players aged between 9-14 years old and takes into account each players individual stage of development, whilst being in a fun and friendly environment.
During the camp each player will receive feedback and an action plans to further develop their game, this information should be shared with club coaches to support the players progress away from the camp.

Technical Clinics

English Lacrosse brings an different approach to developing the talent of our young players from u12 and U14 age groups. We are offering the chance for all registered members to access 2 hour clinic style sessions.

The workshops have a specific focus to improve areas of the game that make a difference to win games and championships. The delivery of the clinic session will be provided by specialist coaches in these areas and/or current England players. All coaches are Level 2 qualified and fulfil the minimum operational standards for child care in sport.

How the clinic will work

  • Only registered members can attend, if you are not registered, please following this LINK
  • Select one workshop in each session
  • Members can attend more than one session during the day.

Accredited Lacrosse Camp 

ALC is aligned with the Sport England Clubmark accreditation, recognised nationally by NGBs, local government, education and the sporting industry. In its simplest terms, the process will ensure that your camp has a “safe effective and child friendly” camp environment.