England bounce back against the Aussies

Team England needed to put a testing defeat behind them to ready themselves to face the old rivals Team Australia.

England started brightly in the first quarter with Ryan Hunns opening the scoring with a lefty outside rip past the Aussie keeper. Australia’s Dan Kennedy captilaized on an unsettled situation with an outside shot to get his team on the scoreboard and level the score.

England goalie Nick Hewitt and his defence made it hard for Australia to convert on offensive pressure in the middle of the quarter but Australia got another thanks to Braydon Simpson.  Cheadle’s Danny Condron stepped up and to reply for England with a great back door cut and inside finish. Lewis Curtis rounded off the quarter with a low-to-high laser to give England the advantage going into the quarter 3-2.

The second quarter opened with England’s Nick Hewitt impressing again with a string of saves to keep England in the lead. Australia capitalised on a man-up opportunity and they got the equaliser thanks to Thomas Graham.

Australia scored their fourth to take the lead for the second time in the game before Danny Condron got his second of the game to tie the game up once more. Australia took the advantage going in to the half thanks to Davis De Pietro 4-5.

England came out of the half looking to equalise straight away winning the ball straight from the face and drawing a man-up opportunity for Ryan Sweetman to get his first and level the scores. Danny Condron got his hat-rick goal to give England the lead for the second time in time in the game.

Australia replied quickly only for England Ryan Hunns to get his second of the game with an outside low-high laser. Australia got the next two thanks to Aussie stand-out Daniel Kennedy and Thomas Graham 7-8.

England again started the quarter goal behind before England’s Jake Weddell stepped up to tie-up the game once more with a back door sneak. With the game in stalemate most the way through the final quarter with both teams having their fair share of transition and extra-man opportunities but nether team could convert them in to points.

Australia broke the stalemate thanks to Ben Thompson to give Australia the lead mid way through the final quarter. Australia ill-disiplin could not be converted by England and the game was going into the final minutes of the game with the Aussies in the lead.

Que the English heroics, Ryan Hunns started the England comeback with an excellent diving one handed shot to really change the tempo of the game to England’s advantage. England now tasting the victory hustled all over the field to give Matthew Collier the opportunity to win the game for England with 50 seconds left on the clock.

England had to run out the dying seconds of the game which saw Australia pressing the ball all over the field, England showed the true grit and a never say die attitude that had been displayed all game, to run out the game for and English win.

Congratulations to both players and the coaching staff for an excellent performance.