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National Lacrosse Committee Releases Men’s Competitive Review Recommendations

The National Lacrosse Committee (NLC) would like to thank the participants of the recent Men’s Competitive Review (MCR) for their helpful insight and feedback to the current state of the men’s game in England. The review interviewed 200 current players and coaches to establish an action plan of recommendations to take the game forward and continue to promote the growth of the sport at recreational level as well as elevate the quality of elite level men’s lacrosse. The review was conducted by independent consultants, Logic Edge, who have conducted similar reviews for cricket, tennis and swimming.

“We are grateful for all of the participation from across the full range of men’s players, coaches, referees and administrators, said MCR action committee chair, Kate Nelson-Lee. “We are looking forward to continuing to engage and consult as we move the recommendations forward in the coming months and year.”

David Coldwell, Participation and Communities Manager for English Lacrosse, spearheaded the initial consulting phase and is working closely to implement the recommendations that have been agreed by NLC. “This is an exciting time for men’s lacrosse in England, as we look to set up the game for the future. We are keen to innovate and modernise the men’s game over the coming seasons to grow the game and become a model for other countries.”

The MCR action committee has already started working to implement recommendations, with further consultation of the membership to follow. The group has focused initially on the following:

  1. Review and agree player formats from entry point to senior representative lacrosse to improve player experience.
  2. Establish minimum playing standards for all competitions
  3. Create a national competitive structure within the men’s game to improve playing standards.
  4. Restructure the lacrosse season to facilitate fixture completion and improve the quality of lacrosse.

The National Lacrosse Committee must now work on an action plan to implement these changes within the game. More details on how they will achieve these goals as well as a timeframes will be published at a later date. To download the recommendations document which explains each of these recommendations in more detail please click HERE.