England v Finland EC2012

TDAS Blog: Day 4 (getting it done)

TDAS Blog: Day 4

Its day 4 (Friday) and its an early start as the Men’s game was to start at 11am, this meant that the normal routine slightly changed, light training was replaced by a full game!

After yesterdays down pour, umbrella’s were at the ready (just in case) for the walk to the venue. England were going through the final stages of their warm up and looking sharp with their shots.

England v Finland EC2012

England v Finland EC2012

This was evident with England taking a quick three goal lead thanks to Sam Russell and two for Colin Clive, who found his shooting spot and had identical left hand shots that stunned the Finnish Goalie. Finland could only reply with one goal in the quarter as Mike Armstrong added another to finish the quarter 4-1 to England.

The second quarter saw England continue on the attack, however a combination of missed shots and goalie saves for both teams meant that each team only managed to convert one goal. This would also be the last time Finland would score.

The second half was very much one sided in terms of goals, The heavens opened, and as it started to rain down, England started to rain in goals, scoring five in the third and eight in the fourth. The goals were spread amongst players with Sam Patterson scoring in his second game in a row with a long pole. England can be proud that seven people registered goals and this shows how much of an attacking threat they are.

On the defence, the team held Finland to very few good chances, Finland struggled to clear the ball for most of the game giving more and more possession to England, they only had three real periods on attack in the first half. Tom Gallon had the measure of the Finnish face-off men, which helped England re-start with possession. The England defence played great pressure defence, with captain Tom Williamson leading the way, goalkeepers Nick Anderton and Ben McAllistar both had good performances in the net. Look out for a Ady Bennetts interview in the Lacrosse Talk video blog.

Arriving back at the hotel, Team England Women’s players were outside having a chuck around. The team had arrived and were preparing for a trip to visit the venue and the pitch that they will be playing on tomorrow.

This evening will be a chilled night as the mens have some free time, with some of the players taking a bike trip and some choosing to rest, while the women will be meeting to discuss tactics as they take on Ireland.

Euro 2012 Sam Russell Bike Ride

Euro 2012 Sam Russell Bike Ride


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