National Lacrosse Committee

National Lacrosse Committee (NLC), formed in 2015, which merged the Women’s Playing Committee and Men’s Playing Committee, is a single group with responsibility for governance of both the women’s and men’s recreational game, comprised of volunteer representatives from each of the regions (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast) supported by English Lacrosse staff.

Exceptional growth of recreational lacrosse has placed a greater demand for playing opportunities and relevant competitions. The creation of the NLC will enable effective governance of the game, a focus on competitive opportunities and greater support for regional needs. The regional organisations will be empowered with a level of autonomy allowing them to make relevant decisions to support the game in that region.

Each region will be represented by their chair person or by elected individuals from both the men’s and women’s games on the NLC, these individuals will be in place for September 2015. Regional representatives are currently being consulted on the exact roles and responsibilities of the committee in readiness for its inaugural meeting.

Men’s Competitive Review

Girls Proposed Rule Book