Officiating – It’s More than a Whistle


Officials play a critical role in lacrosse. They ensure that lacrosse is delivered in a professional, safe and enjoyable way. English Lacrosse are committed to providing the best possible support for recruitment, development and retention of officials at all levels. As part of this commitment we have partnered with Sports Officials UK (SOUK) to host an Officials Development Day ‘It’s More than a Whistle’ on January 25th at Warwick University.

Course Date: 25th Jan 2015
Course Cost: £30
Content Outline

Managing People and Situations
Psychologists have defined emotional intelligence (EQ) as being able to monitor and regulate one’s own and others’ emotions and the ability to use feelings to guide thoughts and actions within our work place and sporting arena. It involves making emotions work for you and not against you. As a sports official it is inevitable you will find yourself dealing with a wide variety of emotions as competitors strive to compete and win.  How you handle not only their emotions but also your own can have significant impact on your effectiveness as an official as well as on the enjoyment of those participating in your game.

Psychology for Sports Officials
As sports officials much of what we do is related to psychology without us actually realising it. This session will give you a greater understanding of why we need to use psychology as sports officials and particularly in our decision making, in what situations and how we can improve our own performance by using it effectively.

Managing Conflict
Conflict is a normal part of our sporting environment and life in general, it is often deemed as a negative behaviour but in reality it has a very positive connotation which is that of bringing about change, not change for change sake but change that is healthy in order to allow you and your sport to grow. However, unresolved conflict can result in feelings of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and other negative emotions, as a result individuals can become withdrawn, aggressive, and disillusioned with their sport, role, team or the organisation. This session will help you to understand how to recognise conflict as an official, take pro-active approaches where appropriate and how to manage difficult situations.

Course Trainer – Janie FramptonJanie.Pic

Janie Frampton has been an active football referee for 23 years, and became the second woman to operate within men’s professional football. Janie has officiated in the highest level matches, both domestically and internationally. Janie started her career as a player before moving into refereeing and coaching, soon becoming the FA County Coaching Representative for Women. As a qualified UEFA B coach Janie spent several years in America coaching football, and was also involved in The FA Women’s Centre of Excellence before moving into into referee development after being appointed by The FA as a Regional Referee Manager. Janie was promoted to The FA National Referee Manager for Education and Training and has a vast experience in referee development, recruitment and retention.Janie has been involved, as an elected Director and honorary CEO, in Sports Officials UK Ltd, which supports the education and development of sports officials across all sports. Janie is an Independent director for the English Cricket Board ACO, and also a newly appointed member of the Advisory group for Sport Wales. Janie is currently Director of her own Sports Officials Consultancy, which works with Governing Bodies and National Associations to develop and deliver bespoke education programmes to enhance the quality of sports officials in all sports.