Player Registration

Player Registration

English Lacrosse require all schools competing in the Rathbones National School Championship 2015 to complete a Player Registration Form.
Please ensure that Registration forms are completed and submitted prior to arriving at the Championships.

Rathbones National Schools – Player Registration

National Schools Player Registration Form

The information which we require for each player:
– Email address
– Date of Birth
– Full Name

The data in which you will be providing will only be used by English Lacrosse for the purpose of registering each of the girls participating at the Championship as members of the English Lacrosse Association. It will also mean that each of the girls are covered fully under the English Lacrosse Public liability insurance policy.

Once you have completed the Player Registration Form, you will need to upload your file via the file upload button. I understand this is a time consuming task and i appreciate your corporation.

If you have any problems or question please get in touch.
Abi Merrill –

Rathbones National School - Player Registration

To ensure that each of our girls is insuranced under the English Lacrosse policy, we will require you to upload your Player Registration Form at the bottom of this form.
  • Please can you provide a contact number, which you will be contactable on during the Championship.
  • Please upload your completed player registration form.
  • Any problems, please get in touch with Abi Merrill at Head Office.

    Email address is or you can call me on 08436585006