Overseas Recruitment Process

If you decide to apply for the SCO/ LDO job we need you to fill out the application form below and attach a copy of your Resume/CV the process is now all online but if you have any problems please email ltj.ela@gmail.com or  p.enevoldson@englishlacrosse.co.uk

Please note that we are now hiring for the 2014-15 Season!

The next step is to provide us with two letters of recommendation (only one has to be lacrosse related) prior to the interview stage.

Please read the Application Pack provided to explain more about the roles and what will be required from you.

LDO SCO Application Pack 2014-15

Note to all applicants – if coming over from a country outside the UK you will need a valid Passport, and full Drivers License.

This flow chart will help you understand the recruitment process so you can see what needs to be done at various stages of your application.

LDO/SCO Application Process