England 2 3 3 6 14
Finland 0 1 0 0 1

England face final fight as Champions of Europe

England face final fight as Champions of Europe

After a remarkable win against the Finland team to continue a hugely successful tournament for England, they will face Israel in the final. The Finland game ended in another lop-sided score in favour of England, who left their semi-final having amassed a 14-1 victory.

The score is testament to the unsung heroes of this tournament, particularly those players who spend their time on the defensive end. To give away only one goal in the semi-final is likely something the England team wouldn’t have dared dream of before the tournament.

Coach Tom Wenham spoke highly of all his men in the trenches, but couldn’t contain his pleasure with a couple:

“I’m usually loathe to single out individual players as our focus is always on the team but I have to mention a couple. We asked Dan Smith to cover Roope Jokela and he did an amazing job from start to finish.

The other player is Mike Armstrong who does the hard graft between the lines, at faces and on groundballs which provides the possession for others to use. He’s selfless and has the heart of a lion.”

The game followed a steady trickle of England goals in the first three quarters, before an explosion, on the offensive end, in the fourth where the score took off from 8-1 to 14-1. Amongst the final goals were a pair for Glenn Humphries and Nick Watson that saw them end with three and four respectively.

Coach Wenham was understandably glowing in his review:

“We were extremely pleased with the performance and feel like things have really started to click.

Up until today we’ve played well in patches but haven’t put it together for the full 80 minutes. The game against Finland was far closer to where we want to be in terms of our intensity and game management.”

Now the team enjoy a Friday off to rest and regroup before they play against a strong Israel team in the final.

“We’ll need all these qualities along with another excellent team performance against Israel in the final. As we know from our game against them they’re formidable opponents and we’re really excited about the challenge.”