Team Profiles

Team Tasters –  Who could you face in the battle of the best? 

With lots of great teams already signed up, it’s time to give you a taster of some of your opposition!

Which players do you need to look out for?
Who is going to be joining you on the banter bus?

Check out your ‘prey’ below…

 Team name: Medics Lacrosse
– Club: University of Bristol
– Strengths: Strong stomachs for Mexican food
– Weaknesses: Rugby players
– Favourite drinking game: Zimmi Zimmi
– ‘LAD’ of the group and why: Rachel Brown – always drunk at training
– Hopes/aims for the weekend: Survival
– Message to other competitors: We can only apologise

Team name: Hatch End Hawks
– Club: Hatch End Hawks
– Strengths: Strength in numbers! Having two teams entered is great
– Weaknesses: Some girls won’t camp!
– Favourite drinking game: Wild Wild West – “Yeeeeeehawwww”
– LAD of the group and why: Lara and Becky can always cause some trouble
– Hopes/aims for the weekend: Lax, sun, fun…!
– Message to other competitors: Hawks are flying high!

Team name: Welwyn Warriors
– Club: Welwyn Warriors club
– Strengths: Youth
– Weaknesses: Veterans
– Favourite drinking game: Beeropoly
– ‘LAD’ of the group: Monster
– Hopes/aims for the weekend: LAXPARTY
– Message to other competitors: Booyar