Whole Sport Plan

What is a Whole Sport Plan ?

A whole sport plan is a business plan (document) submitted to Sport England, outlining English Lacrosse’s strategies to grow participation in identified age groups and enhance talent in the sport over the next 4 years. Sport England assess the strength the business plan (strategy) and its likely success, then award funding based on that assessment. English Lacrosse will have identified targets to meet each year and annual funding is reliant upon these targets being reached by the sport.

Who are Sport England ?

Sport England provide funding and advice to a range of partners to develop sporting participation in England and are accountable to Parliament through the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Their focus is to help people and communities across the country create a sporting habit for life. The Sport England strategy 2012-17 describes how they will invest £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding over five years, into four main areas:

  • National Governing Body 2013-17 funding
  • Facilities
  • Local Investment
  • The School Games

National Governing Body Funding

Sport England identify National Governing Bodies of sport as critical partners in helping achieve their goal of ‘more people developing a sporting habit for life’. This places NGBs at the heart of Sport England’s youth and community sport strategy.
English Lacrosse, amongst another 45 NGBs, submitted a Whole Sport Plan detailing how we would use National Lottery and Exchequer funding to grow the number of people playing lacrosse, as well as nurture lacrosse talent over the next 4 years.

English Lacrosse 2013-17 Funding

English Lacrosse Whole Sport Plan submission has received £3.4 million of investment for the next four years from Sport England. We will use the funding to deliver the identified targets outlined in the plan which will result in more people playing lacrosse in more clubs and building a successful talent development programme.


English Lacrosse WSP

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English Lacrosse WSP 2013_17