Lacrosse Rules and Regulations

In this section of the website you are able to download the current Federation of International Lacrosse and English Lacrosse Association rule books.


Federation of International Lacrosse Men’s Rules 2017/18

English Lacrosse Association Men’s Rules 2017/18 (Updated 5 February 2018)

Federation of International Lacrosse Referee Manual


Federation of International Lacrosse Women’s Rules – Updated January 2018

Federation of International Lacrosse Rule amendments January 2018


As of September 2015 all English Lacrosse pitches must conform to the new FIL (Federation of International Lacrosse) Unified Pitch Markings the changes are stated below as well as downloadable pitch templates.


  • Size of field increased from 110 yard X 60 yard to 110 m X 60 m (120.30 yard X 65.62 yard)
  • Goal crease radius increased from 3 yard to 3 m (3.28 yard)
  • Space behind the goal reduced from 15 yard to 12 m (13.12 yard)
  • Substitution area or gate increased from 10 yard to 13 m (14.22 yard)
  • Centre face-off X to wing line and goal line to men’s restraining line remain essentially the same but the measurement has been adjusted to metric.
  • Additional field length is added to the centre of the field between the 2 restraining lines and the additional width is added between the wing lines and the sidelines.


  • Size of field reduced from 120m x 60m to 110m x 60m
  • Restraining line reduced from 27m to 25m
  • Space behind goal reduced from 15m to 12m
  • Team bench area reduced from 28m to 18.5m

Unified Pitch Markings (110m x 60m)

Unified Pitch Markings

Unified Pitch Markings (shorter pitch)

Unified Pitch markings (narrower than normal)

Unified Pitch Markings (Hockey Pitch) (91.4m x 55m)

Unified Pitch (Hockey) Mens & Womens

Unified Pitch (Hockey) Mens

Unified Pitch (Hockey) Womens