Nottingham Trent Championship Winners

2016 Rathbones National University Lacrosse Championships

2016 Rathbones National University 8’s Final Round-up

On Saturday 20th February the 2016 Rathbones National University Championships welcomed 40 teams from 19 different Universities across England and Wales to the UCLan Arena. The National University 8’s moved to the UCLan Arena for the 2016 competition to take advantage of the top class sporting facilities. A mixture of established lacrosse Universities and new programmes made the trip to Preston.

Day 1 Results

Women’s Tournament

After a competitive first day and 50 games of lacrosse the results were as follows:

Group 1                                                                           Group 2
Leeds University                20 points                     York 1                               20 points
Southampton 1                 15 points                     Sheffield Hallam 1               16 points
York 2                              8 points                       Nottingham Trent 1             10 points
UCL 2                              6 points                       Liverpool 1                         6 points
Warwick 2                        3 points                       UCLan                               0 Points

Group 3                                                                           Group 4
Leeds Beckett 1               25 points                        UCL 1                               25 points
Warwick 1                       20 points                        Aberystwyth                     16 points
Plymouth                         15 points                        Liverpool 2                        15 points
Kingston                          6 points                         Southampton 2                  11 points
Sheffield Hallam 2              5 points                         Nottingham Trent 2            8 points
Lancaster                        5 points                         Leeds Beckett 2                 7 points

The pressure was on in the championship group with all four top teams failing to drop a single game. 1st and 2nd from each group progressed into the Championship, 3rd and 4th into the Trophy and 5th (and 6th from Groups 3 & 4) the plate. Every team had a chance to bring home a prize.

Mens Tournament

Group 1                                                                                          
Nottingham Trent 1         20 points
Kingston                        13 points
UEA                              13 points
York                              6 points
UCLan                            1 point

Group 2                                                                                         
**Each team awarded 2-0 victory over Leeds            

Bristol 1                          20 Points
Warwick                          15 Points
UCL 2                             10 points
Manchester 2                   7 points

Group 3
Manchester 1                   18 points
Nottingham Trent 2           18 points
UCL 1                             16 points
Keele                              15 points
Liverpool                         11 points
Southampton                   11 points
Lancaster                        6 points
Coventry                         1 point
Bristol 2                          0 points

Day 2

Men’s Tournament

The wet weather on Saturday demanded a relocation of the men’s tournament to astro-turf.The knock out stages looming, teams had to hit the ground running on day 2.

Lancaster made the final after achieving victories over Coventry and York. Their opponents were a strong Manchester 2’s side. Manchester 2’s had endured a tough competition in day 1 recording narrow loses, they had a point to prove in the plate final. Scoring early they did not surrender their lead and were victorious at the final whistle.

Runners up:
Lancaster University
Winners: Manchester University 2’s

A predicated close final, both teams had performed well on day 1 however it was UEA who emerged winners with a close 2-1 victory.

Runners up: Warwick
Winners: UEA


Both teams in the Championship final had successfully topped their groups on Saturday not dropping a game or even letting a goal passed their keepers. Their semi finals had been a tougher competition. Bristol narrowly beat Manchester 2-1. Nottingham Trent fought off a strong UCL 1’s team with a 7-5 win.

Nottingham Trent made the win look easy. Recording a 5-0 victory over Bristol to be crowned 2016 Rathbone’s National University 8’s Champions!

Runners up:
Bristol 1’s
Winners: Nottingham Trent 1’s

Women’s Tournament

With 5 games before the semi-final phases the teams in the plate had to demonstrate their stamina and fitness in order to progress to be Plate champions.
Nottingham Trent 2’s and Warwick 2’s put on a show in a highly competitive final, with Nottingham Trent 2’s  edging the win 3-2.

Runners up:
Warwick 2’s
Winners: Nottingham Trent 2’s

Plymouth and Nottingham Trent both wanted to prove themselves after missing out on the Championship spots. Both teams performed consistently throughout the day and were favourites to meeting the final.
Both teams were so concentrated on the game there was confusion at the final whistle, who had won? The umpire was able to clear things up, awarding the win to Plymouth.

Runners up: Nottingham Trent 
Winners: Plymouth

Two strong sides met in the championship final each with a point to prove. After a close game earlier in the season with York gaining vital BUCS points over the Leeds Beckett team, both wanted to be crowned National Champions. Both teams showed their level of ability and talent on day 1 and again on day 2, however York had the slight advantage of entering the final undefeated whereas Leeds Beckett 1’s had battled out for a draw with personal rivals Leeds University. Both teams attacked and defended well with strong movements of play but York’s goalie made some vital save to keep Leed’s attackers at bay. Final Score York 7 – Leeds Beckett 2.

Runners up: Leeds Beckett
Winners: York