2017 BUCS Lacrosse 8s Tournament Review

Team Durham continued on from their Championship victories at BUCS Big Wednesday earlier in the year, to complete another double, taking both the Men’s and Women’s BUCS Lacrosse 8s Championships.

The event, hosted at Bristol University’s Coombe Dingle Sports Complex, saw 14 men’s and 9 women’s teams taking part in the competition with a mix of established Premier Division sides and newly emerging programmes competing.

While the University 8s competition has been a part of the English Lacrosse calendar since 2009, this is the first year in which the event has also been included as a BUCS event and carried the reward of BUCS points for teams involved.

The Men’s final saw a rematch of the BUCS Championship final back in March between Durham and Nottingham Trent, while Durham took on hosts Bristol in the Women’s Championship final.

Both matches were again close, nip-and-tuck encounters; however, the strength of the Durham squads began to tell in the latter stages and both sides were able to push ahead when it mattered most and see out the games.

Watch the Men’s Championship final below:

1st half:

2nd half:

Bristol were able to put their semi-final loss behind them to defeat Loughborough and claim bronze in the Men’s Championship, while the girls from Loughborough were victorious in their 3rd place playoff to take bronze in the Women’s Championship over Nottingham.

In the Men’s Trophy, UWE battled back from tough games in the morning group stages to defeat Aberystwyth, Manchester and finally Bradford in the final to end the day as Trophy winners.

Meanwhile, University of Gloucestershire picked up 3rd in the Trophy defeating Manchester in the fight for bronze.

Men’s Group Standings

Group 1
Durham 15 pts
Bournemouth 8 pts
Manchester 8 pts
Warwick 2 pts

Group 2
Nottingham Trent 15 pts
Newcastle 10 pts
Gloucestershire 6 pts
Aberystwyth 1 pt

Group 3
Loughborough 10 pts
Bath 5pts
UWE 0 pts

Group 4
Bristol 10 pts
East Anglia 5 pts
Bradford 1pt

Men’s Championship final standings
1 Durham
2 Nottingham Trent
3 Bristol
4 Loughborough
5= Bath
5= East Anglia
7= Bournemouth
7= Newcastle

Men’s Trophy final standings
2 Bradford
3 Gloucestershire
4 Manchester
5 Aberystwyth
6 Warwick

Women’s Group Standings
Group 1

Durham 20 pts
Loughborough 16 pts
Nottingham Trent 10 pts
Warwick 6pts
East Anglia 0 pts

Group 2
Bristol 15 pts
Nottingham 10 pts
Newcastle 7 pts
UWE 0 pts

Women’s Championship final standings
1 Durham
2 Bristol
3 Loughborough
4 Nottingham
5= Newcastle
5= UWE
7= NTU
7= Warwick
9 East Anglia