Captains Blog – England U19’s – Tree’s, Lakes and more Tree’s

England U19’s departed for Finland on Sunday, throughout the tournament team Captains Josh Hurry, Sam Dexter and Vince Cara will be blogging about the team’s progress, news and banter from inside the camp. Heaton Mersey and Sheffield University defender Josh Hurry kicks us off with the first blog about Team England’s first two days in Lhati.

Day 1

We arrived in Finland 10 hours after we left Manchester airport. The journey from the airport to the hotel was strange as all we saw was trees, lakes a few more trees, and some more lakes, we saw about 2 people the whole time it took us! The hotel in Turku is nice and has gyms, a swimming pool, Jacuzzis, Steam Room, Sauna and the food isn’t too bad either. They even do everything without milk for the southern fairies among us (Bill).

We had a light training session after we arrived; it was very hot and humid but only like England has been in the past few days. We then ate and had some time to relax and get our rooms sorted/play FIFA.

Day 2

Started with an early start, stretch and breakfast all before 8:30. Within what seemed like minutes we were kitting up at the field to start our first practice. The heat and humidity were high and after a two hours of training all players were exhausted but had worked hard. From there it was a short journey back to the hotel and some free time straight after lunch. Which was highlighted by a few of our more feminine players wearing ladies swimming costumes to go into the pool (JT and Schmit) and another one of our players deciding it would be a good idea to try and headbutt the floor (James), following which he continued to look like Quasimodo. Apart from another few scapes which featured Mike Connor hitting his head on a door, the team was looking good and really getting behind each other.

The evening brought with it another training session and after a bit of running around for a few late comers the practice got under way and a good session unfolded. By the time that the players got back to the hotel everyone was so tired that there was no time for anything else and everyone went to bed.

You can follow the progress of the team by following them on Twitter: @EngU19sLacrosse