Durham’s 2’s come from behind to secure BUCS Trophy

Written by Maddy Sears (First Appeared on the Palatinate)

The women’s 2nd team staged a stunning comeback against Cambridge to secure the BUCS trophy, winning 12-8 at the Big BUCS Wednesday event. The Palatinates started slowly, with Cambridge holding all the possession in the first fifteen minutes. When Durham did get hold of the ball the passing didn’t quite flow and goals were hard to come by. Cambridge went 3-1 up before Coach Anna Sody called for a timeout, a move which proved crucial in bringing Durham back into the game.

By half-time it was 5-4 to the light blues with three goals from Amy Graham and one from Alice Goodinhge. By this point the game was a far closer affair with Durham seeing an equal share of possession.

After the half-time break the Palatinates came onto the field and meant business. Two goals from Clare Fabes early in the second half took the score to 6-6, and from that point Durham never looked back. The palatinates started to dominate possession, and at first were struggling to turn this into goals. However, ten minutes into the second half Durham started a scoring streak which blew Cambridge away.

Two quick fire goals from Emily Fitzsimons and goals from Graham, and Draper took the score to 10-6 and put Durham firmly in control. Two goals from Cambridge, including one from a Durham mistake in possession kept them in the game, however time was not on their side and in chasing the game the light blues tired considerably. Two more Durham goals from Draper and Goodinge left the score at 12-8 with three minutes remaining, and that was how things finished with the Palatinates securing the Trophy competition.

After the match there was jubilation, with the women’s 1st team sprinting on the pitch to congratulate the side. Coach Anna Sody commented at full-time: “I am speechless. “At this moment I am so so proud, these girls followed through with our plan from the beginning to the end.

“Yes, it was touch and go here and there but that just shows we played a competitive opposition.” Sody highlighted the beginning of the second half as the turning point in the match.“You noticed in the first three minutes of the second half you saw it in their eyes you felt it in every pass it was so swift so calm so collected but threatening at the same time” she said “We kept possession the entire time and took it right back away from them.”

Commenting on the side going 4-1 down, Freya Rowson said: “I wasn’t worried we kept each other going… we were ready to come back at them”. Rowson also spoke of the importance of coach Sody to the side saying: “She’s such a great support as soon as our heads go down she brings us back up… it wouldn’t be the same without Anna”.