English Lacrosse Announce Further Dates For University Roadshow’s

After the recent success of the Birmingham roadshow English Lacrosse is pleased to announce extra dates and venues for the University Roadshow. We are currently touring England and are encouraging current members of a club committees, coaches and captains, people interested in being on club committees a coach or a captain or maybe you are a student who will graduate in 2016.  We are inviting you to attend a FREE roadshow to inform you about the support you can utilise from English Lacrosse and the exciting opportunities currently available.

The roadshow will focus on four key areas including:

1. Help with club/university development utilizing the English Lacrosse regional development staff
2. Lacrosse playing opportunities post-university and how lacrosse universities can support the continued growth of the game
3. Opportunities for work experience and volunteering in lacrosse including information on opportunities to work with English Lacrosse at the upcoming 2017 and 2018 World Championships.
4. Highlighting full-time employment opportunities in lacrosse, informing students about what job roles are available.

New Dates & Venues

  • 19th November @ Loughborough University 
  • 23rd November @ Nottingham Trent University
  • 24th November @ University of Kent
  • 24th November @ University of Leeds
  • 30th November @ Exeter University

To register to attend one of these roadshow events for FREE please complete the form below and select the venue you wish to attend.

University Roadshow Registration Form