Introducing Results Inc.

English Lacrosse are pleased to announce a new partnership with Results Inc. a sports performance and lifestyle company based in South Manchester.

Results Inc. will be bringing you monthly advice, guidance and education on all aspects of performance specifically for lacrosse. They will be covering a range of formats including articles, Q&A’s, videos and seminars.

“Through our time playing lacrosse and coaching players at all levels, we have seen a lot of underdeveloped athletic talent. With this new partnership we are hoping to provide information and guidance to support lacrosse players and help them raise their game.”

Results Inc. Team

Company Background

Results Inc. was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing world-class industry leading health, fitness and performance coaching and consultancy. Our athlete centred services include bespoke coaching and programme design, we also offer a collegiate style strength and conditioning programme called Athlete, which helps individuals prepare for their sport in a group environment at the Results Inc. facility in Sale Moor. We have a dedicated lacrosse athlete development programme within this. Our aim is to provide a full support service in order for an athlete to achieve their athletic potential.

Personal Background

Between us we have a range of experience and expertise and have worked with multiple international lacrosse teams, in both men’s and women’s lacrosse. We worked particularly closely with the men’s England under 19 lacrosse team for the World Championships in Finland last year. Here’s a little more about us as individuals:

Dr Joseph Lightfoot – I graduated medical school in 2012, but decided to pursue my passion and work in sport as a coach and researcher. I also perform research and am currently working with several elite sports to investigate injury mechanisms and risks to sporting performance. Alongside this I write for several national magazines, including Men’s Fitness to provide cutting edge information about fitness and performance. Myself and Chris have written a book called “Championship Lacrosse Success, which details our experiences from two major international lacrosse championships and what we think it takes to excel. It’s free to download at this LINK

Chris Wainer – I am a strength and conditioning coach based in Manchester, UK. I have worked with athletes and exercise enthusiasts at all levels – from amateur sports to GB ranks – to achieve their highest levels of performance in a variety of sports. I completed my Masters degree in sport and exercise science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning at Sheffield Hallam University. On the lacrosse side, I have played and coached lacrosse for 15 years. I currently play for Heaton Mersey and am also on the senior England lacrosse training squad.

Find out more about Result Inc. by visiting www.weareresults.com