Lacrosse Awarded £3.4 million by Sport England

Lacrosse has been awarded an investment of £3.4 million by Sport England based on a track record of success against previous investment and a Whole Sport Plan focused on continued participation growth. The award represents the largest investment in the governing body to date, and rewards the growth achieved by English Lacrosse in recent years.

Lacrosse has boomed in recent years with impressive growth in Universities feeding through into the creation of more clubs and community Lacrosse programmes. We are confident that this growth will continue in the future and this funding will only reinforce our efforts. David Shuttleworth , English Lacrosse CEO

English Lacrosse will use the investment to continue to seize momentum in terms of encouraging new people into the sport and to foster successful talent activity programme. Club membership will increase by 45% through expansion of the informal INTO offer and formal Field version of the game played through the club network.

English Lacrosse also aims to increase the number and geographic spread of community Lacrosse clubs, improve and enhance structures in new and existing lacrosse hubs to be centres of participation, and identify universities, clubs and schools to achieve performance club status. Durham University, this week, became the first High Performance Lacrosse University.

The English Lacrosse Association has demonstrated a good use of insight and market intelligence to produce a great plan for growth for the sport. We are pleased to be backing it. Lisa O’Keefe Sport England

English Lacrosse in one of 46 sports funded by Sport England. A total of £0.5 billion has been invested in governing bodies to drive community sport participation, and keep the inspiration of London 2012 alive.

46 Sport England Sports

Investment in each sport has been made following a robust and challenging process to assess the quality of the governing bodies plans and their ability to deliver for community sport and talent development. Each sport will be subject to tough performance management through a ‘payment for results’ approach that ill see Sport England rewarding success and penalising failure.

Sport England’s Chief Executive, Jenny Price said, “For the first time we have created a specific fund to reward success by NGB’s who can prove they can grow their sports. This is about backing winners.”