Lacrosse Community We Need Your Help #SOSLacrosse

It is now time to act. Lacrosse Community we need your help to raise the awareness of this issue. English Lacrosse has been A rated by the Home Office since 1982, we have sponsored over 1250 Non-EU coaches in that time period, who have encouraged over 1 million young lacrosse players to pick up a stick. 60% of the players have been girls.

Sport participation, particularly amongst females is a hot topic with the government. Yet, our sport enabling coaching programme has been given just 20 days to close its doors. This decision has been taken with no option of support, or opportunity to challenge. Help us make some noise and draw attention to this situation.

Tweet your local MPs, Prime Minister, Home Office and all interested parties. #SOSLacrosse

You can find you local MP by using this link: FIND MY MP

Read the official statement from English Lacrosse HERE

Suggested Tweet:
.@Number10gov @ukhomeoffice 78 lacrosse coaches stopped by UKVI from engaging 200,000 young people in sport. #SOSLacrosse @englacrosse

Write to you local MP
We have prepared a template that you can use: Download. To contact your local MP you can use the following website:

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