eng v wales final (9)

England vs. Stanford University

England Vs. Stanford University, California

Feeling greatly refreshed after a half an hour break in the 30 degree heat, we headed into the second game of the day against Stanford University. This preparation led to a slow start and Stanford going 4-0 up within 10 minutes. The immense mental toughness of the English meant they regrouped, supported each other and were rewarded by a 1st goal from Merrifield. This was followed by a stunning 6 goals from England including a consecutive 2 penalties from game-changer Ruby Smith that took us into the lead.
With a margin of 2 goals in hand at half time (7-5 to England) we were told to focus on control and maintaining possession.
These tactics were implemented well with our midfield doubles creating turnovers that were capitalized on by the attack, who had by then found several holes in the Stanford defence. This attacking vigour combined with some impressive saves from Keogh in goal lead to a final result of 12-8 to England.
After a tiring but successful first day with a double win, England had one last team talk before heading to their super-soft, king-size beds.